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Garter Size Chart

You can do this by using a soft tape measure or use a string, ( measure where you think you will wear your garter - typically 4-5 inches above the knee ) then loop around the thigh with the tape measure or string snug, but not too tight and Do not TAKE OFF any inches - we will adjust to ensure a perfect fit. If you fall on the smaller end of the measurement for example 18 inches, it is better to chose the smaller size 15-18 inches as your selection.

Lingerie Size Chart

Simply obtain your bust, waist and hip measurements. You can then use the table below to find the lingerie/sleepwear size that corresponds to your measurements. For example, if your bust size is 92 cm, your waist size is 74 cm, and your hip size is 101 cm, your lingerie/sleepwear size will be a size 12 or a M/L size!

Panty Size Chart

All you need to do is obtain your hip measurement, by measuring around your body at the hip joint section. You can then locate the size that corresponds to your hip measurement in the table below. For example, if your hip measurement is 99 cm, your knickers size will be a size 14. Easy!

Colour Chart

Please refer to the colour chart to help with colour selection when choosing your wedding garter, please remember this is a guide only and colours can vary slightly.