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Getting married is something that can bring a lot of things together like arrangements, getting the list of guests ready, deciding the venue and menu of the reception etc. Also, it is important to look elegant and classy on your big day. So, you must take some time in deciding the wedding jewellery and bridal earrings are something that you can never ignore. Giving details to each and everything that you wear on your wedding is important, so here in this article we are going to share some amazing tips on how to decide the earrings for your wedding as per the latest trend.

  • The first thing that you must consider is the overall look that you have decided for your wedding. You must select the bridal earrings that not only match the wedding dress but the entire look of the day. It is important to match your earrings with the kind of other jewellery you are wearing. For example, you cannot match pearl necklace with diamond earrings or gold studs. It will look awkward.
  • However it is not an easy task, but deciding the earring that is as per the occasion is a must. You can’t be cool and classy at one time with bridal earrings. Choosing the one that reflects elegance and gorgeousness is something that you need for your wedding day. Having a unique and appealing look is something that everyone wants for their wedding to be special, look elegant and classy in your gorgeous wedding attire.
  • Think about the gown you are wearing. If its neckline is deep you can wear long earrings. It looks very classy. For other styles, teardrop shape of earrings with pearls and crystals is also a unique option. Some people prefer gemstone jewellery for their wedding. It is absolutely perfect if you match it well with the dress and other jewellery.

Hope the above mentioned ideas give you the best information about the bridal earrings. For a better look give attention to the kind of hairstyle you are going to get for your wedding. Your jewellery should accentuate in the overall look.

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What is New in White Lingerie Style?

Monday, 4 February 2019 2:47 PM

Selecting lingerie that fits you well and makes you look hot is something that every woman wants. These days the trend of tender and sexy white lingerie is in its boom, so if you are planning to buy some gorgeous innerwear, here is a compilation of the new stuff that you can buy. Scroll down and check out:

  • Sexy Lingerie - You can wear white lingerie for your wedding night or anytime when you feel like a sexy angel. The colour white is hot and having a lacy white bra and vest is something that is irresistible. The available options in white come in variations of fabrics like sheer, satin, lace or Lycra. The latest trends include ruffle back thong or thigh highs and you can pair it up with cut out bra.  

  • Chemise – There are many designs of sexy and stylish chemise in white and you can wear it at for comfort on various occasions. If like you can use it instead of the T-shirts that you usually do at home. This is damn cool option among the white lingerie range.

  • Boy shorts – Boy shorts also known as boxer shorts are cool and comfy. It can add fun and great comfort to your routine. These are loose and can be teamed up with T-shirts or Chemise. You can wear them at home or for the comfortable travel. It looks really gorgeous and adds a carefree look.
  • Bra Set – Having at least a couple of white lingerie as bra sets is something that is a nice investment. You can wear them at many occasions and add comfort and ease to your outfits. During summers it gives a refreshing feel and you can wear them for your travel as well. You can buy the stylish ones with net details and sheer fabric for the hotness.   

Hope the above mentioned points help you find the sexiest and comfortable white lingerie. If you need any further information regarding this topic feel free to drop your questions in the comment section below. We will get back to you with the answer. Happy lingerie shopping!

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Australian brides are known for their beauty and the accessories they carry for their wedding. Apart from having a gorgeous wedding gown, there is a lot that Australian brides like to use in order to accentuate their look. In this article, we have mentioned some bridal accessories that are preferred by Brides in Australia. So, if you are getting married or your close friend or sister is getting married, you must make sure to buy the below mentioned accessories to enhance their look on the big day.

  • Bridal & Evening Bags: Evening bags and clutches for brides are a must. It helps in keeping the important stuff close to them and it also looks great with the wedding attire.
  • Bridal Tiaras & Crowns: Wearing the Bridal Tiaras and Crown are the unavoidable bridal accessories that not only look classy but add to the overall look of the bride. It can be purchased according to the wedding dress and the hairstyle that you have decided for your big day.
  • Bridal Hair Accessories: Decorating the hairstyle with various bridal hair accessories is a tradition that is followed by the Australian brides since long and having the beautiful bridal accessories on hair adds to the gorgeousness of the overall bridal appearance. Some of the important hair accessories for Australian brides include, Bridal Hair Combs, Bridal Hair Clips & Hairpins and Bridal Headpiece. You can buy the one that suits the length of your hair and the style of your wedding dress.
  • Flower Girl Baskets: Having a gorgeous flower girl basket is a must-have accessories in Australian weddings. You can select from the various designs that matches the theme of the wedding and the dress. It is going to add a subtle charm to the wedding.
  • Ring Bearer Pillows: Another important thing that makes the wedding appearance look perfect is having Ring bearer pillows. There are many designs and styles that you can buy according to your choice.

Hope the above-mentioned information regarding the accessories for the Australian brides serves you as valuable. If you need any further information, feel free to ask us on the comment section.

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If your wedding is around the corner, we can understand how busy you must be in the preparations.  There is a lot that you have to do and in the process of organising everything in a perfect manner, you might not get much time to spend in various jewellery shops in order to find the wedding jewellery. If you have already purchased your wedding dress and other accessories and you are looking for the fastest yet best way to buy the jewellery for your big day, you can always spend a little time on the internet and get the perfect jewellery online in Australia.


There are many online stores from where you can make the purchase of the various pieces of the bridal jewellery sets and depending upon your choice and taste these online stores offer an array of gorgeous styles and designs that can add the desired look to your bridal appearance. You can also buy different designs of bridal earrings, bridal bracelets, necklaces and rings according to your choice.


If you are not much of a jewellery person and you need some particular pieces of jewellery online shopping of wedding jewellery gives you an opportunity to select the particular pieces of jewellery mentioned above.

For those brides who love the Bridal Jewellery Sets, there are numerous designs and styles that can match your preference. For finding the best place to buy wedding jewellery online, you must check the reputation of the websites through the reviews and testimonials. The first-hand information shared by the brides who have already taken the services of the particular websites will definitely help you in taking the decision.


You must consider the price of the wedding jewellery in these websites and compare the rates. Go in for the one that is using the quality material and is having a plethora of choice to select from. You can purchase pearl jewellery, sterling silver wedding jewels, gemstone studded bridal sets and many more right from your home. So, you make a saving of your time as well as money when you find the perfect online bridal jewellery store in Australia.

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Sexy Lingerie Must Have’s For The Holiday’s

Thursday, 8 November 2018 7:23 PM

With Christmas and the holiday season fast approaching we have created perfect gifting ideas for all of the men out there to offer a helping hand in the lingerie gifts department. Feel free to swoon over our top picks for wish list lingerie this coming season to wow your beau in the bedroom department. All colours and styles are on offer, making it tough choice to just choose one - enjoy our sexy lingerie new season findings. 

Sexy black lingerie is always a hit and you can never go wrong with this option. So many different styles of black lingerie are on offer, from babydoll's, to bra and garter belt sets, corsets and more. This underwire black eyelash lace chemise is simply stunning and makes a perfect lingerie gift idea.

Hot pink lingerie is a fun and sexy colour option, very flirty and a not to serious way to go, this dark pink colour is luxurious and expensive looking, great for gift giving, this pink lace teddy with garters is a sexy choice for our hot summer nights.

Black lace bustiers are a classic that never go out of fashion lingerie piece, they should grace every lingerie draw, match back with your favourite pair of stockings and you have one amazing little outfit, we love this luxury black lace bustier from our European collection.

White hot lingerie is just so sexy, very classy and sensual at the same time, white is a great choice if you do not want to go with traditional black, this luxury white bra and garter belt set screams "gift me" this is a very special lingerie set for the summer.

Find your perfect lingerie gift this season at our online store The Wedding Garter, view our whole range online today @

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