Bridal dresses are stars of wedding ceremonies, in fact, they are usually central to how an entire wedding venue is set-up. This said, wedding dress is to the wedding day as wedding lingerie is to the wedding night. Many brides wonder whether they should stick with white lingerie or go for something more fun and colourful for their wedding night. Traditionally, bridal lingerie only came in ivory, white, or cream. These colours made them easy to wear under sheer white dresses, which many bridal gowns tend to be. Sticking with nude or white lingerie for your wedding ceremony is ideal, but you can always choose to be playful with your choice of wedding night lingerie.


While red, black, and other bolder colour options are the choice of many brides for a wedding night attire, many consider white lingerie a much bolder choice. This said, no matter what colour you choose to wear, the important thing about choosing a bridal lingerie is to think about your own body shape and what kind of lingerie style will be most flattering for curves and contours. When shopping for wedding lingerie, think about your body shape and size and avoid buying pieces too far in advance so you can account for sizing changes.

Choose lingerie with fun details like bows and lacy garters, ruffles, and stings. There are also many different styles of wedding lingerie that brides can choose from including bridal bras and teddies, baby dolls, chemise, corsets, and bustiers. Knowing the difference between these lingerie tops is a good place to start when shopping for wedding lingerie. Bras are basic options and come in traditional styles and forms, while teddies offer more body coverage and look more like semi-loose sleeveless tank tops. Baby dolls extend over the buttocks, while chemise looks like classic nighties. Corsets and bustiers, on the other hand, are great for enhancing the woman’s shape around the waist.